What Is Technical Youth

What is Technical Youth?

Technical Youth is focused on locating The Next Generation of Your IT Department. Technical Youth has established relationships with colleges, universities, and technical schools across the nation in order to locate the most talented entry–level information technology and engineering professionals on the market. Whether you need to locate talent for a co–op, internship, or permanent position, we will connect you with the proper resources.

In March of 2000, Technical Youth, was created with a mission to combine a solid staffing foundation with the information technology and engineering expertise of college undergraduates and recent graduates. As Y2K hardware and software upgrades drove demand for an unprecedented number of modernization and compliance needs, collegiate technologists satisfied this demand at a fraction of the cost of VARS, integrators, and traditional staffing companies. Our intention then, and still today, is to provide an alternative to pricey staff augmentation and hardware service companies. And, more importantly, our goal is to incorporate very good technologists from colleges and high schools into corporate environments for the betterment of furthering their ascent into the professional world.

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