OUR Google Cloud FOCUS

Brooksource supports clients on their Google Cloud journey in different ways depending if they are in the Plan, Build, or Run stage. We do this by utilizing our Google Cloud advisors, scaling teams by finding consultants on the open market, and by bringing in the next generation of Google Cloud talent.

Making a plan with you

We build roadmaps and provide advisory services in the following focus areas.

Accessing your cloud landscape

  • Roadmaps and sanity checks
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Data analytics
  • Data management

Cloud Transformation

  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Transferring your large datasets

Hybrid & Multiple Cloud Strategy

  • Data Center Migrations

Helping Build Teams to Execute

Whether you need to augment specific gaps with consultants or build an entire team, we can help you scale.

Cloud Foundation design

  • Security and IAM
  • Network topology
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Reliability

Data Warehouse Modernization

  • Big data and analytics
  • Databases Storage

Integration and API Management

  • A hybrid cloud environment requires lots of expensive data movement and data storage
  • Using us as 3rd party that is also a GCP partner allows for tool agnostic yet comprehensive approach

Running Google Cloud Longterm

Getting Google Cloud up and fully functional is no small feat, so make the most of it with optimization and making sure you have the talent to build a Google Cloud culture in house.

Reliability Engineering

  • Bring in cost effective junior engineers to aid in observability, alerting, dashboarding, security, and automation to become next generation of GCP SMEs

Performance Optimization Optimizing key offerings of GCP

  • Rightsizing workloads and consumption optimization
  • Real time everything
  • Peak Readiness and capacity assessment

Advanced Product Discovery

  • Allowing advanced product search capabilities (i.e. can search with photos) and enhanced recommendations with AI/ML

Governance and Policy

Train the trainers

  • Best practices, SOPs & documentation

Next Generation of Talent

  • Upskilling & Reskilling
  • Post-Migration TCO/ROI

Onboarding Models

Class Onboarding Model


Scale and diffuse talent throughout your enterprise with efficient Brooksource-coordinated group training and onboarding.

The Class Model promotes collaboration and competition, a strong recipe for retention.

Class Onboarding Model


Brooksource-provided senior consultants act as an “anchor” for associate-level resources by supplying technical and professional mentorship throughout their engagement.

The Anchor Model keeps your top performers producing while ensuring your investments continue to grow.

Class Onboarding Model


Need to scale quickly? Stand up an entire Elevate team or blend experience levels through our Project Solutions or Team as a Service (TaaS) models.

Building teams with Elevate gives you a short-term ROI for projects, products, and support in addition to long-term workforce planning options.

Popular Uses: Scrum Team Builds, NOCs, SOCs, Analytics, Cloud.

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