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The need for technology is universal, but your needs are unique! Our industry-focused approach targets the trends and innovations that matter the most to your industry.

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From customized training to innovative strategies, clients are investing in Elevate to build the workforces of tomorrow.

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Brooksource’s Engineering Services

Our consultants combine traditional engineering competencies with innovative technology to keep your operations running smoothly.

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As a trusted solutions provider for the top technology products, Brooksource is here to keep you up to date on best practices and the latest trends in IT.

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A Relationship-Focused Approach

Here at Brooksource, relationships are at the center of everything we do. Since 2000, we have established and maintained lasting relationships with our clients, consultants, and internal employees to create an unparalleled experience. Brooksource is a trusted services provider that specializes in delivering Engineering and IT initiatives for Fortune 500 organizations through Experience-Driven Staffing, Professional Services, and Elevate, our Workforce Transformation program. As a certified partner for Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and many other technology alliances, we have the expertise and resources to provide a wide range of solutions. With a growing national presence, Brooksource is working to redefine what to expect from an IT and Engineering services provider.


As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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New Cleveland Office

Brooksource, a leader in the talent delivery industry for Fortune 500 companies, has been dedicated to offering top-tier services and solutions. With 30 offices established nationwide, Brooksource is excited to expand to the Cleveland market this summer. This new market will allow the company to instill services and expert teams in a new area in the Midwest, while also investing in the city of Cleveland.

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Ghosted...By A Recruiter?!

Halloween is just around the corner but it’s no secret that Ghosting happens year-round. In this Insight from the Brooksource Archives, we share some industry secrets around ghosting in the interview process; why it happens, and more importantly, how to use it to your advantage in the job search. Whether you are on the job hunt, open to work, or you've just been ghosted – this story will highlight that you have nothing to fear!

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Public Sector Application Migration

Our SLED client needed executors to move 200 on-prem enterprise applications to AWS. Their city’s centralized IT agency had limited AWS knowledge in-house and workload capacity constraints. Brooksource brought in an application development and infrastructure team through our Team-as-a-Service anchor model for short-term execution and long-term succession planning.

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Brooksource does a great job keeping their core values close and coming in with a high level of confidence. They get to know their clients and spend genuine time with them.

— Meghan Wright, Brooksource Client