From connecting guest experience across channels to increasing personalization, or even building your Retail Media Network, we’ve got you covered. With our Plan, Build, Run approach, Brooksource has the experience and resources to support our clients at every stage of their Salesforce journey. As a certified Salesforce Partner, we have been successfully engaging our clients through our dedicated advisors, scaling teams, and building the next generation of Salesforce talent.

Salesforce Readiness Initiative

Sales and Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Customer 360


Center of Excellence

Our Approach

Making a plan with you

Thanks to our ambassador program, we have dedicated Salesforce and Tableau Advisors ready to create your vision by assisting with roadmapping, performing gap/health analysis, and orchestrating architecture.

Helping Build Teams to Execute

Already have a clear scope and specific initiative or identified set of initiatives? We can bring in the doers to build! As an experienced partner, we have both standard team templates as well as the ability to tailor our team composition to your unique journey.

Running and Supporting Salesforce Longterm

For clients in the Run stage who are looking to optimize Salesforce, our Salesforce Readiness Initiative (SRI) can upskill resources and equip you with a dedicated pipeline of Salesforce talent. In just the first 12 months of this program, we certified 66 resources and deployed 117 to client sites, with 62% being from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are looking to build a Salesforce Center of Excellence (CoE) or just the next generation of talent, we customize this team composition and training to the needs of your journey.


Salesforce Readiness Initiative (SRI)

Across all industries, the possibilities and adoption rate of Salesforce are growing at an exponential rate. Unfortunately, so is the demand for personnel with the niche skillsets needed for these resources. Put simply, the existing talent pool cannot keep up. What can you do? How will you scale? Our Salesforce Readiness Initiative was designed with all of this in mind. As an official member of Salesforce’s Talent Alliance, Brooksource is delivering a pipeline of trained, retainable, and hirable talent that can make an immediate impact on your Salesforce Journey. What separates us from the rest of the industry is not only that we are a vetted Salesforce Workforce Development Organization and Authorized Training Provider, it's that our focus is on non-traditional ways of sourcing with a prioritization on DE&I, Underemployed, and Veterans. Visit our SRI specific landing page to take a deeper look at the metrics and success of the program.

Sales and Service Cloud

Customer experience is everything. To deliver a quality experience, it is essential to be streamlined, centralized, and efficient. Through these platforms, you can do just that. Support your customer service teams with case management, call scripting, and everything else they need to deliver top-tier experiences, all in one centralized hub.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing is non-stop, and you need a partner who can keep up with the daily needs and complexities of your work. With the Marketing Cloud you can streamline content creation, manage multiple platforms, and much more! By partnering with Brooksource, we can ensure that you are properly equipped to achieve your customer goals while optimizing the customer journey.

Customer 360

Called Customer 360 because it encompasses the full breadth of the Salesforce portfolio—including our core applications, platform, services, and connected ecosystem. Having a single-source CRM strategy can drastically increase workflow efficiency, and integration across all the organizations of your business.


Data is a valuable resource but being able to use said data in your decision-making process is truly invaluable. Luckily, we can help drive intuitive key business insights through the streamlined data visualization of Tableau. Learn more!

Center of Excellence (COE)

The Salesforce journey can move lightning fast, thus securing best practices are critical when it comes to staying on track and hitting deliverables. Whether it be setting design standards, workflow customization, REST API development or data integration, it all needs to be standardized. Additionally, to gain maximum ROI, adoption needs to be a key focus of your strategy. Brooksource can insure all of this by developing a COE for your organization, ensuring both utilization and ROI.

Onboarding Models

Class Onboarding Model


Scale and diffuse talent throughout your enterprise with efficient Brooksource-coordinated group training and onboarding.

The Class Model promotes collaboration and competition, a strong recipe for retention.

Class Onboarding Model


Brooksource-provided senior consultants act as an “anchor” for associate-level resources by supplying technical and professional mentorship throughout their engagement.

The Anchor Model keeps your top performers producing while ensuring your investments continue to grow.

Class Onboarding Model


Need to scale quickly? Stand up an entire Elevate team or blend experience levels through our Project Solutions or Team as a Service (TaaS) models.

Building teams with Elevate gives you a short-term ROI for projects, products, and support in addition to long-term workforce planning options.

Popular Uses: Scrum Team Builds, NOCs, SOCs, Analytics, Cloud.


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