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Enriching your data culture is at the forefront of every company. How you do that and with what tools are critical to your organization's success. Brooksource has partnered with Snowflake as the best-in-class Cloud Data Platform on the marketplace. We can provide full end to end services for migrations, optimizations, and support to help get the most from your data. One of the reoccurring concerns we hear from our clients is cost, which is why we have developed a program called Elevate as a non-traditional way to speed up your Snowflake adoption and address skill gaps.

Cloud Migration

Data Strategy

Cost Optimizations

Long-term Support Strategy

Cloud Migration

Although Snowflake was born on the Cloud, we understand that not everyone has made the migration. Our consultants have the niche skillsets needed to guide you through the process of replacing on-prem resources.

Strategic Advisory


Road Mapping

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Best Practices & Tool Selection

Data Strategy

Snowflake is here to fit into your Data Strategy and expand your functionality. Just like Brooksource, Snowflake is partnered with AWS, GCP (Link to GCP Landing Page), and Microsoft’s Azure to pair nicely and build upon your existing platform. Brooksource’s partnerships with these platforms ensure that we too have the capabilities and expertise to assist you throughout your journey.

Structure Data

Connect to Cloud



Data Sharing

Creating Insights

Cost Optimizations

Snowflake’s customization capabilities open the door to a world of possibilities when it comes to cost optimizations. The ability to turn compute resources on and off, ensures that you only pay for what you use. Here at Brooksource, we bring the same adaptable approach, allowing you to scale up or down with ease.

Query Performance

Increasing Automation

Reduce Operational Support

Long-term Support Strategy

Through our workforce transformation program Elevate, we provide a pipeline of technical resources that are trained on Snowflake. Let Brooksource’s non-traditional way of insourcing and upskilling your workforce, alongside your technology investments, save you both cost and time.

Convert Consultants to FTEs Upon Contract Completion

Diversify Your Workforce to Build Adaptive Teams

Build In-House Talent in Niche and Emerging Technology


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