Consumer Goods

Emerging technologies and evolving consumer preferences pose an equal number of challenges and opportunities for our Consumer Goods Clients. Having a data-driven culture opens the door for improved customer experiences, better supply chain visibility, and optimized manufacturing processes. However, before you can take advantage of these new advancements, you first need to ensure that you have the environment and resources to support them. As an IT and Engineering Services Provider, Brooksource provides our clients with customized and scalable solutions to help them evolve with the latest innovations and maintain brand loyalty.

Digital Solutions

Data Modernization & Advanced Analytics

Supply Chain Visibility

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

Manufacturing Solutions

Digital Solutions

Do you have the necessary channels to capture consumer data? We help our clients assess and build digital best practices and teams to enable more touch points with the consumer in addition to obtaining stronger data into buying habits and sales initiatives.

Agile & DevOps Enablement

Native Team Builds

Commerce Development


Loyalty & Membership Programs

Data Modernization & Advanced Analytics

How strong is your data culture? Regardless of the industry, data is quickly becoming the best source of valuable insights into innovation and forecasting. To be data-driven you need the proper resources set in place to capture, analyze, and execute. We help clients create enterprise data cultures and strategies that drive end-customer personalization.

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Centralized Data Platform

Data Visualization & Dashboard Builds

Data Governance

AI & Machine Learning


Supply Chain Visibility

Is your supply chain caught up from post-pandemic constraints? The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how vital inventory tracking and supply chain visibility are to managing operating costs and consumer experiences. We help implement innovative technology that improves real-time data sources and supply tracking to improve visibility.

Demand Planning

WMS & TMS Optimization

Inventory Tracking

ERP Overhaul & Support

Intelligence & Reporting

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

While every company’s cloud journey is unique, 75% of companies say that finding adequate cloud talent is a challenge. As certified partners of the top cloud platform providers, Brooksource has the experience to assess your environment and provide a tailored solution. From consulting services for the short term, to our workforce transformation program to build internal skill sets, we are here to meet your unique needs.

Cloud FinOps

Hybrid Cloud Governance

Data Migrations, Integration & API Management

Site Reliability Engineering

Cloud Security

Manufacturing Solutions

Where are you in your connectivity journey? The future of manufacturing requires a blend of IT and Engineering skill sets. We bring in expertise and an engineer-of-the-future resource model to improve your manufacturing speed of delivery, operational efficiency, and brand expansion.

Smart Manufacturing Assessment Tool

AGV & Robotics

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Support

Embedded Systems

New Product Design & Enhancements


As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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Meet Brennan Canada

National Vertical Manager - Consumer Goods

My journey at Brooksource started in 2015, but my passion for the customer-first approach developed long before, as growing up in the service industry opened my eyes to the importance of understanding the customer. Ever since then, the science that goes into observing, serving, and gathering feedback to improve an organization has continued to be a focus of mine. The concept that each individual truly drives the way that companies adapt their business models is what inspired me to launch our Consumer Goods Practice. As the buying habits and preferences of consumers continue to evolve, so too must the Consumer Goods and manufacturing industries. Brooksource understands this need and that understanding is why our agile and timely approach will be a great complement in serving your company’s needs. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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