Financial Services

Financial Services are at the center of the economy just as relationships are at the core of what we do. To lead in the fast-changing financial services industry, you must not only have an adaptive and innovative technology strategy, but a trusted partner to help you execute it. We understand your need for digital transformation, open banking and customer data management, all while staying compliant to the many regulatory agencies. Our people-first strategy is here to lead you into the next generation of financial services. Let’s get started!

Digital Transformation

Are you looking to rebuild your mobile application from the ground up? Do you need to enhance the customer’s mobile experience with embedded personal financial management, partner offers or payment services features?

Customer Data Management

Financial services customers of the future will expect their financial institutions to know what products and services they need before they do…are you building a customer data management solution to predict your customer’s needs?

Regulatory Compliance

Need help staying compliant to the expanding alphabet soup (FRB, FDIC, SEC, OCC, CFPB) of regulators? Looking for evaluation assistance or audit dress rehearsals to stay ahead of evolving regulations?

Cloud Migration

Are you ready to take the cloud plunge with your hosting strategy? Need help refactoring your applications that don’t fit the “lift & shift” approach? Is your resource plan built to handle new technology training and knowledge retention?

Core System Support

Need help maintaining your legacy core system or mainframe back-end? Tackling the challenge of migrating your CORE to the cloud?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you ready to tackle complex integration work with short timeframes? Can your team handle the documentation and training requirements to successfully complete a M&A program? Will you be able to scale your workforce to meet the complex demands your next M&A project requires?

Meet Joe McLaughlin

National Vertical Manager - Financial Services

My career at Brooksource started in 2006 and has taken me across the country, learning valuable lessons in leadership, strategy, and innovation. My passion for financial services technology continues to grow the more I learn from our clients and other leaders in the industry. Banks, investors, and insurers have a great responsibility to lead financial literacy efforts and to provide access to banking and payment services to customers anywhere in the world. These are the types of challenges that motivate me to evolve and grow every day. I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you!

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