Financial Services

Financial Services are at the center of the economy, in the same way, relationships are at the core of what we do. To lead in the fast-changing financial services industry, you need an adaptive and innovative technology strategy, and a trusted partner to help you execute it. We understand your needs for digital transformation, open banking, and customer data management, all while staying compliant with the many regulatory agencies. Our relationship-focused approach is here to lead you into the next generation of financial services.

Data Modernization & Advanced Analytics

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Fraud & Compliance

AI Engineering

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

Enterprise Tools & Applications

Data Modernization & Advanced Analytics

Data is an investment vehicle of the future, but it is only as valuable as the insights you pull from it. Whether you need niche consultants to support your current initiatives or workforce solutions to upskill emerging talent to build a scalable foundation for a data-driven culture, Brooksource is here to help.

Portfolio Simulation

Open API Architecture




Digital Transformation & Innovation

Embracing a digital ecosystem is critical for next-gen investors to seamlessly access financial products. We help our partners assess, create, and maintain the right digital channels based on the unique needs of their products and services.

Mobile Enablement

Agile & DevOps Standardization

Conversational Platforms

Embedded Finance & Payments

Total Experience

Fraud & Compliance

Staying compliant with evolving financial regulations is only part of the battle when it comes to being a top player in Financial Services. With your customers’ trust being the heart of your business, you need to go beyond simply responding to the latest mandates. Our proactive approach helps our customers enhance cybersecurity measures and protect sensitive data.

Fraud Analytics

Data Privacy

Compliance Evaluation & Adherence

Anti Money Laundering (AML)

AI Engineering

Creating automation solutions to reduce risk and amplify efficiencies can be a huge undertaking. As a true partner, we collaborate with your leadership to see what solutions work best for your landscape. This relationship-focused approach is how we build scalable teams that are homegrown to improve decision making with a long-term personalized touch.

Process Automation & RPA

Authentication Techniques

Low-Code/No-Code Solutions

Real-Time Payments

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

Every cloud journey is unique, and the same goes for the solutions we provide. Are you fully maximizing your cloud investment to appropriately manage your financial data? We provide end-to-end migration and optimization solutions for AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle.

Application Rationalization

Hybrid Cloud Solution Architecture

Site Reliability Engineering

Cloud Security

Enterprise Tools & Applications

Sometimes legacy workflows and systems are the real issues keeping you from delivering a reliable customer experience. We provide plan, build, and run support for your current and future-state enterprise application initiatives.


Salesforce & CRM Solutions

ERP Support

ITSM & Workflow Management


As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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Meet Paige Maloney

National Vertical Manager - Financial Services

Brooksource has provided me with some of the most incredible experiences since I joined the company in 2015. Exposure to different roles within our business has allowed me to collaborate with innovative leaders across multiple industries. Through these opportunities, I have been able to develop unique approaches that align with a variety of technical ecosystems. I’ve grown an appreciation for what it takes to achieve effective partnerships and drive successful outcomes with personalization top of mind. Working in the Financial Services industry requires a heightened emphasis on trust, a focus I will continue to provide for our current and future clients. Our specialized team at Brooksource helps to pave the path forward across investment services, payments, and life insurance sectors!

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