We focus on supplying our SLED and Federal partners with solutions to help them innovate, change, and support their communities. With a commitment to putting Veterans to work, focus on emerging tech, and the ability to drive costs down, we are your trusted long-term partner to deliver innovations in the fields of technology and engineering.

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Digital Government

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

Data & Information Management

Workforce Solutions

Infrastructure Services


Brooksource's Elevate is Already Impacting the Public Sector

"...there was a clear experience for bringing people in (to the organization) and providing them with the extra training to help support a reskilling-style approach..."

- Jon Rogers, Director of Strategic Workforce Planning

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

We understand that security is of the utmost importance for all IT leaders, especially for those in public sector organizations at the state, local and federal level. The visibility of government agencies and their systems containing extremely valuable information are lucrative targets for cybercrime. As a HITRUST certified organization, Brooksource has a range of services from assessments to 24/7 security operations that will help you harden your security posture.


Security Frameworks

Data Protection

Training & Awareness

Penetration Testing

Third Party Risk

Vulnerability Assessment

Security Operations

Identity & Access Management

Digital Government

The private sector has evolved to offer more digital services to the market and thus citizens are expecting the same convenience from the public sector. By digitizing and modernizing application portfolios, government agencies can not only meet these expectations, but also benefit from the automation that digitization provides.

Digitization Advisory

Portal Modernization

Application Rationalization & Modernization

Digital Assistants


Cloud Adoption & Scalability

The cloud is no longer the future of IT, it is the present. Over 90% of State and Federal agencies already have all, most, or some systems and solutions in the cloud. As a certified service partner in three of the top cloud platforms, Brooksource has the experience to help with any of your cloud-based needs. Whether your organization has a cloud-smart or cloud-first strategy in place, our cloud-agnostic approach to solution development will help you determine which solution(s) are right for you.

Cloud Strategy


Selection of Service & Deployment Models

Scalable & Elastic Services


Service Management


Data & Information Management

The public sector possesses rich data on citizen and consumer behavior; however, this data is only worth the insights able to be drawn from it. By transforming culture and breaking down siloes for shared data use, governments at all levels can harness the power of the data sources at their fingertips to further enrich the lives of citizens and constituents nationally

Data Governance

Data Architecture

Master Data Management

Data Cleansing & Classification

Data Integration

Predictive Maintenance

Big Data

ML to secure the nation

AI to fight Climate Change

Data Visualization


Workforce Solutions

By 2025, the public sector will be facing the largest group of retirement eligible public servants in decades. This impending deadline further emphasizes the need for succession planning and skill development roadmaps. As a leader in Workforce Transformation, Brooksource has customizable solutions that will help you pipeline and reskill emerging talent to fit your needs. This purposeful career planning will also allow governments to support new and existing technology solutions to better keep up with the latest trends.

Workforce Planning Consultation

Customized Apprenticeship Solutions

Cultural Enrichment Programs

Employee Retention Strategy

Infrastructure Services

Daily operations of the public sector rely on a secure and dependable infrastructure. The adaptability of Brooksource’s services ensures that you can rely on us. Maintaining a consistent refresh schedule as well as an asset management plan will assist you in preventing unnecessary maintenance costs, remaining secure, and supporting work-from-anywhere.

Service Desk Management

Desktop Engineering & Architecture

Systems & Network Design

Systems & Network Implementation

IT Asset Management


Engineering services are critical to the success of the federal government's operations. Government agencies heavily rely on engineering expertise to design and maintain systems and technologies that provide national security, public safety, and public health. Our engineering expertise has helped the government tackle some of its most complex challenges, from developing advanced weapons systems to improving energy efficiency, and even enhancing transportation infrastructure.


Development of Defense Weapons Systems & Vehicles

Aerospace & Aviation Systems Engineering

Cybersecurity Embedded Engineering

Research and Development

State & Local

Smart Grid Technologies & Energy Storage Systems

Cybersecurity Embedded Engineering

  • Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies

Civil Engineering

Contract Vehicles

Company Information & Accolades

  • DUNS – 02-932-2612
  • Facility Clearance – Top Secret
  • NAICS Codes - 5415
  • CAGE Code – 4zw48
  • UEI- M5GPAK8VC133
  • Size - Large
  • StateScoop Award Winner 2022 for IT Innovation of the Year (SEAL Program - StateScoop)


As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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Meet Taylor Everett

Director - Government

I have a passion for helping governments transform their technology because I share their commitment to serving the community. From system modernization to security to improving the public’s digital experience, I like putting my years of experience to work on helping governments exceed the expectations of their citizens. Let’s collaborate on how we can help you with your most critical projects and elevate your workforce!

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