Pharmaceutical Technology

Brooksource’s Pharmaceutical Technology Vertical drives innovative drugs to market faster, creates digital supply chain solutions, and enables informed decisions through data and cloud-based strategies for our Life Sciences partners. Our relationship-focused approach includes both advisory and consulting services to create a plan, build tailored project/product delivery teams to execute your vision, and help you scale the next era of your technology organization through our Elevate program.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Research & Development Services

Manufacturing Modernization

Supply Chain Visibility

Commercial Technology Solutions

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Enabling innovative therapies, new medicines, and advanced sciences requires a connected, efficient, and digital technology environment. Our Enterprise Technology practice area builds high-caliber platforms, infrastructure, and security that help power the core of our partners’ business.

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Cloud Adoption & Scalability Services – AWS, Azure, GCP

IT Infrastructure & Platform Support

Cyber Security Solutions

Digital Workplace Services

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Hardware & Network Refresh Services

Research & Development Services

The skilled researchers, scientists, and clinicians who explore and develop new medicines are the lifeblood of any Life Sciences organization. Brooksource not only understands this but also the intensive journey it takes to bring these new medicines to market. This understanding has allowed us to develop highly scalable, data-driven, and agile lab and R&D services around your entire discovery lifecycle.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Capabilities

Model-Driven Drug Discovery

Decision Sciences & Analytics

Smart Lab Automation

Digital Health Services

Software Product Engineering

Manufacturing Modernization

Technology continues to empower manufacturing capabilities and expand the possibilities of automation, predictiveness, and intelligence. Staying competitive in this growing blend of traditional engineering capabilities with innovative technologies requires a service provider who is well-versed in both realms. Our Manufacturing practice keeps organizations moving toward the next era of engineering and manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Installation & Support

Process, Automation, and Controls Engineering

Smart Factory & Industry 4.0/5.0

Embedded Engineering - IoT Integration & OT Security

Predictive Analytics & Reporting

Site IT & Command Center Support

Supply Chain Solutions

The need for Life Sciences organizations to become highly networked entities is only growing – being connected is crucial to being agile, effective, and scalable. This holds true for the supply chains of any industry, especially those within Life Sciences. Our supply chain-focused initiatives help our partners modernize and scale their supply chains to keep up with the latest technologies and best practices.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Modernization & Support

Systems Optimization & Support (WMS, TMS, DMS)

Connected Logistics

Inventory & Asset Tracking

Digital Warehouse Solutions

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Commercial Technology Solutions

The marketplace for patients and new medicines is growing at an unprecedented level. Is your current commercial technology landscape up to the challenge of breaking through? Our Commercial Technology Solutions practice area creates a modernized, digital, and data-driven commercial model to effectively bring science to market.

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CRM Migration & Optimization

Marketing Technology Solutions

Patient Services Analytics & Reporting

Digital Customer Experience – Web & Mobile

Content Management Solutions


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Meet Luke Brzezinski

National Vertical Manager - Pharmaceutical Technology

My career with Brooksource began in 2015 and evolved into the Life Sciences sector in 2019, where I co-led our Healthcare Provider Vertical. Supporting our clients on the front lines through the pandemic was a very impactful period of my career and further grew my strong passion and interest in the industry.

Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was three, has caused me to form a strong appreciation for both the pharmaceutical industry and the organizations that research, manufacture, and develop critical medicines. I now have an incredible opportunity to give back by leading our teams that support and empower the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies! I strive to enable unique technology and engineering capabilities to push state-of-the-art drugs to market faster, create effective digitally enabled solutions, and help our clients make informed decisions through data, analytics, and cloud-based capabilities. Let’s help impact the Life Sciences industry for the better!

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