Brooksource serves the Energy industry through our unique labor models. With these models, we provide innovative and scalable solutions that can withstand an ever-evolving industry as we work together to achieve a positive economic and environmental impact. To better connect with consumers and clients, we address the physical and technological challenges that come with modernizing the industry. At Brooksource, we’re prepared to take on the next generation of Energy.


Are you facing an EMS or OMS implementation or upgrade? How are you defining a ‘Smart Grid’?

Data Analytics

Are you utilizing grid data in an impactful way? Have you leveraged captured data to provide direct cost savings?


Are you prepared for the next generation of Energy? Do you have the proper thought leadership and programs in place to get you there?

Customer Systems

Considering a new customer billing system? Are you facing an immense amount of legacy tech debt? Need to create scrum teams to accomplish your goals?

Program Management

Is your PMO constantly competing with the highest priorities? Do you have a sustainable organization structure to manage them?

Enterprise Security

Are you facing retirement of your best NERCIP resources? Do you have a proper PEN Testing program in place? Have you considered the security impact of the Smart Grid as a whole?

Meet Kelsey Barrett

National Vertical Manager - Energy

Energy is an evolving industry driven by innovation. If the right investments are made today, this industry has the potential to change consumer energy usage and supply, which could allow for a ‘cleaner’ world for us to live within. Assisting and collaborating in the technological investments that are currently being made is what makes me so passionate about my work every day. What we choose to do now within this industry can result in a substantial impact on the future of our environment. I’m always looking to provide innovative solutions to our clients that will have a long-lasting, positive impact on our planet.

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