Healthcare Insurance

In an industry that’s constantly innovating and investing in technology to better service its members, our partners rely on us to understand their vision, advise best practices, roadmap, and execute on it. Regardless of your current state, or even your ideal future state, we tailor our approach and consultant-based solutions to assist where you need it most.

Data Optimization

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

Claims Technology

Technology Modernization

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Enterprise Tools & Applications

Data Modernization & Advanced Analytics

Data is an investment vehicle of the future, but it is only as valuable as the insights you pull from it. Whether you need niche consultants to support your current initiatives or workforce solutions to upskill emerging talent to build a scalable foundation for a data-driven culture, Brooksource is here to help.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Data Visualization, Dashboarding, & Reporting
  • Partners with Microsoft Power BI
  • Partners with Tableau

Data Governance & Warehousing

Data Ingestion

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Performance Improvement

Data Process Automation

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Digital innovation is a direct effort to overcome data challenges, improve member loyalty, and ensure long-term growth. We introduce advisory services and build multi-functional execution teams to act on your vision for transformation.

Product-Centric Strategies

  • Agile Transformation


  • Platform & Site Reliability Engineering

Member Journey

  • Mobile Experience
  • Omnichannel

Design, User Experience, & Research

Web Brand Management & Development

Cloud Adoption & Scalability

Every cloud journey is unique, and the same goes for the solutions we provide. We assess your environment and deliver proven solutions that help you get to where you want to be. 75% of companies say that finding adequate cloud talent is a challenge. By partnering with Brooksource we can provide professional services in the short term while implementing our workforce transformation solutions to prepare you for the long term.

Assess & Design

Build, Test, & Migrate

Support & Automate

Platform Agnostic Transformations & Migrations

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Strategy

Cloud Security

Application Rationalization

Cloud Infrastructure & Environment Support

Claims Technology

Across the board, our partners are looking for technology to innovate their Claims departments. Our teams of consultants take the time to understand your member needs, introduce automation where applicable, and implement or modernize tools/platforms to ensure you evolve with the trends.

Modernization & Consolidation

Performance Optimization

Claims Processing, Billing, & Care Management Technology

Technology Modernization

Technology modernization and acceleration is often borne out of necessity. Focused primarily on the elimination of technical debt and the creation of a more standardized/unified environment. Our dedicated teams provide thoughtful recommendations and help you execute to generate efficiencies and cost savings, all without disrupting the core operations of the business.

Technical Debt Elimination

End-User Experience Standardization

Application Rationalization

Device & Network Refresh

Mainframe Technology

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Thanks to their vast amount of PII and reputation for weak cybersecurity, Information Security departments within the healthcare industry have become a lucrative target for bad actors. As a result, we have invested heavily in our network of consultants to address this growing trend and keep our partners secure.

Vulnerability Management

Testing (IoT, Mobile Device, Web Application, Wireless)

Identity Access Management Solutions & Tool Implementation

  • SailPoint, CyberArk, Okta, ForgeRock

Cloud Migration Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance

IT Audit

Enterprise Tools & Applications

Inefficient legacy processes are only half of the battle when it comes to optimizing your enterprise environment. Here at Brooksource, we understand the importance of delivering not only the latest trends and applications, but also the niche skill sets needed to implement and support them. Our wide range of niche consultants provide plan, build, and run support for all your current and future-state enterprise application initiatives.

Salesforce & CRM Systems Solutions

ERP Implementation & Optimizations Solution

HRIS & HCM Solution Support

ITSM & Workflow Management Solutions

  • ServiceNow


As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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National Vertical Manager - Health Insurance

Since 2016, I have been collaborating with our partners to help solve complex problems related to their businesses and IT strategies. From Providers to Payers, technology is the nervous system of healthcare as it enables better insights to connect the many moving parts of the industry. Since 2020, I have been specifically focusing on how I can bring this same insight to the Health Insurance Vertical. During this time, I’ve grown an even greater appreciation for what it takes to achieve effective partnerships and drive successful outcomes, all while managing the strict regulations of the Health Insurance industry.

Meet Ryan Huck

National Vertical Manager - Health Insurance

I have supported our Healthcare clients in a number of capacities since 2016. My experience began by servicing some of the largest Healthcare Providers in the country, focusing primarily on modernizing their technology and maturing their ability to effectively care for, interact with, and retain their patients. While many of the fundamental challenges we’re looking to solve exist on both sides of the aisle, I’m now focused on our Healthcare Insurance client portfolio and the many unique challenges these organizations are navigating. By way of a recently specialized suite of solutions, my goal is to help our partners achieve their vision of running an efficient business, positively impacting their member population, and making healthcare as accessible and reliable as possible.

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