Medical Devices & Supplies

Brooksource’s work in the Medical Device & Supplies Vertical drives speed to market, compliance, and adaptability for our Life Sciences partners. With a range of engagement modules from advisory to professional services, we have the IT and Engineering resources that will help you deliver the next generation of medical devices and MedTech.

Medical Device Innovations

Enterprise Tools & Applications

Manufacturing Modernization

Supply Chain Visibility

Commercial Technology Solutions

Medical Device Innovations

Our Medical Device solutions have identified just how essential the collaboration between IT and Engineering technologies is for the development of medical devices that can meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. From improving patient outcomes to increasing detection, and ultimately saving lives, Brooksource is here to help.

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Surgery 4.0

Wearable Technology

Embedded Engineering

Mechanical & Design Engineering

Connectivity & IoT

Medical Robotics

Enterprise Tools & Applications

Before you can deliver the future of medical devices, you need to have an enterprise environment capable of supporting such innovations. Our Enterprise Technology Practice Area enables our partners to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and create IT infrastructure to support it all.

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Cloud Based Services

IT Infrastructure & Platform Support

Cyber Security Solutions

Digital Workplace Services

Merger & Acquisition Integration

Manufacturing Modernization

Advancements in technology continue to empower manufacturing capabilities and have created a new world of automation, predictiveness, and intelligence. In doing so, they have also created knowledge gaps in some organizations’ ability to take full advantage of these trends. Address these gaps by partnering with Brooksource to keep moving towards the next era of engineering and manufacturing.

Powered By AI/ML, IoT, Sensor Technology, AR/VR, Computer/Machine Vision, Data & Analytics

Manufacturing Execution System Installation & Support

Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

Remote Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

Predictive Equipment Maintenance (AWS – Amazon Lookout for Equipment)

Site IT Support & Command Center

Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain optimization solutions can ensure providers have access to the necessary medical devices and supplies to deliver high-quality care. A well-connected supply chain means you have the visibility to reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking. Our Supply Chain Practice modernizes your enterprise’s supply chain to help you scale confidently.

Powered By AI/ML, AR/VR, Data & Analytics, Workday, SAP, Oracle

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Modernization & Support

Systems Optimization & Support (WMS, TMS, DMS)

Connected Logistics

Inventory & Asset Tracking

Digital Warehouse Solutions

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Commercial Technology Solutions

The marketplace for patients and new medicines is growing at an unprecedented level. Our Commercial Technology Solutions Practice Area creates a modernized, digital, and data-driven commercial model to effectively bring science to market.

Powered By Salesforce, Veeva, Adobe, Marketo, Tableau, Power BI, Data & Analytics

CRM Migration & Optimization

Marketing Technology Solutions

Patient Services Analytics & Reporting

Digital Customer Experience – Web/Mobile

Content Management Solutions


As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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Meet Christina Collins

National Vertical Manager - Medical Devices & Supplies

I started with Brooksource in 2015 and fell in love with the challenge of understanding how IT and Engineering can improve various industries and working with clients to make an impact. In 2019 I started our Life Sciences Vertical, whose growth led to the opportunity to silo efforts within our Medical Device & Supplies portfolio nationally. Better patient outcomes are driven by the technological investments made every day, which only feeds my passion for this industry and role. The initiatives we chose to secure, connect to the cloud, and make better data-driven assessments within medical devices will positively impact a loved one and that’s all the motivation I need!

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