As an IT and Engineering services provider, we know that innovation requires niche professionals and a customizable approach. From hardware to software, Brooksource drives a unique customer experience to deliver end to end on your high-level initiatives.

Data Management & Scaling AI

Enterprise Apps & Digital Experience

Infrastructure Scalability & Sustainability

Supply Chain Modernization

Data Management & Scaling AI

Before you can unlock the valuable insights and automation that data offers, you need to have the proper strategy in place to capture, analyze, and execute. From advisory to on-going support, our adaptable services will help you minimize risks, cut costs, and ensure seamless scaling.

Meet Our Data Advisor

Modernize Data Architecture, Engineering, & Integration

  • Centralization of Primary Data Sources
  • Governance

Reporting, Analytics & Data Storytelling

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Developing a Strategic Roadmap for AI Implementation
  • Proof of Concepts & ROI Assessments
  • ML, Prompt Engineering, & Data Science
  • Establishing Ethical Data Practices & Governance Standards
  • Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

Enterprise Apps & Digital Experience

Legacy applications, tech debt, and developer capacity are typical challenges standing between your current and ideal future state. From experienced advisors to self-managed product teams, our customizable solutions fill the missing pieces to modernize and support legacy applications.

Enterprise Applications & Platforms Support

Accelerate Front-End & Full-Stack Engineering

UX & Customer Journey Design

Supporting & Sunsetting Legacy/Homegrown Systems

  • Application Rationalization
  • Migration Planning
  • Decommissioning
  • Ongoing DevOps Support

Infrastructure Scalability & Sustainability

Infrastructure scalability is quickly becoming one of the biggest barriers to meeting your customer demand. At Brooksource, we help our clients prepare, scale, and secure their networks.

Data Center Operations & Engineering

Scaling Expertise with Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Approaches

Cloud Agnostic for Seamless Optimization

Cloud Orchestration & Site Reliability Engineering

Cloud FinOps & Implementing Financial Management Practices

Utilizing Containerization Technologies for Efficient Deployment

Supply Chain Modernization

From the first leg to the last mile, and everywhere in between, we help technology companies drive efficiencies and bring visibility to their supply chain operations.

Automation & Monitoring

Demand Planning & Product Lifecycle

ERP Overhaul & Support

Real-Time Inventory Tracking Solutions

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Transportation Management System (TMS)


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