In a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, our retail partners look to us in pursuit of a highly customized customer experience. You handle the technology roadmap; we’ll handle the talent needed to get you there.

Digital Innovation


Supply Chain Visibility



Digital Innovation

Digitalization is how you accelerate to your future state. We build product teams to execute your omnichannel vision and maximize customer interactions.

Checkout and Payment Experience

Mobile Apps

AdTech & MarTech

Mixed Reality


Native Team Builds


Data is no longer a commodity, it is currency. We bring in expertise and emerging talent to build a scalable foundation and a culture of real time data.

Meet Our Data Advisor

Loyalty and Membership Programs

Data Migrations and Visualization

Personalized Customer Experience

Data Governance

ML/AI Guidance, POCs, and Acceleration



Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chains are more visible than ever to the consumer. We work across all stakeholder groups to exceed consumer expectations to build a unified commerce.

Real-Time Inventory

Legacy and Homegrown System Support

Warehouse Management System Optimization

  • Manhattan

ERP Overhaul and Support

Merchandising Systems Engineering

Industrial Engineering in Distribution and Fulfillment Centers

Store Tech & Infrastructure Sustainability

Keeping your infrastructure modernized. We create stability by deploying new hardware, devices, and experience-driven technologies with quality install and support teams.

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Store Experience & Associate Productivity

Monitoring and Automation

Device Deployments and Support

At The Edge and Embedded Programming

Data Center Migrations

Point of Sale Modernization


While each retailer’s cloud journey in unique, 75% of companies say that finding adequate cloud talent is a challenge. As a partner with GCP, AWS, and Azure, we assess your environment and deliver proven talent solutions.

Cloud FinOps

Cloud Transformation & Migrations

Hybrid & Multiple Cloud Strategy

Cloud Security

Integration & API Management

Site Reliability Engineering



As a recognized member of these technology company partner ecosystems, we are currently offering consulting services related to specific technology products.

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Meet Rob Howard

Principal Director - Retail

What attracts me to retail is the constant reminder of how fast consumers can influence retailers’ behaviors. Yes, it’s sometimes a volatile industry and constant change and innovation is now required to survive. However, being part of a journey aimed at impacting shoppers in a new way that stretches the retailer’s previous paradigm is the reward I’m after. Having been with Brooksource since 2011, every day is still a quest to become a consultant with an increased ability to understand and advise clients. The biggest asset of any retailer is the people that build and support the brand, so I look forward to any collaboration!

Meet Mitchell Lochen

National Vertical Manager - Retail

Eight years ago, I started my journey with Retail in the Grocery vertical. I’ve always been intrigued by the ever-changing technology landscape required to win the daily consumer. While technology is at the forefront of retail decision-making, I empathize with drivers, goals, and barriers, to build tailored business solutions. I welcome any and all dialogue related to retail, innovation, and business, and I am excited to see how Brooksource can complement your vision.

Meet Ryan Finch

National Vertical Manager - Retail

After joining Brooksource in 2016, I immediately dove into the retail industry. What attracted me to retail was the ever-changing consumer demand and how drastically it impacts actionable change at the organizational level. With constant innovation required to win your customer every day, I love getting into the weeds with clients and consultants, to create custom solutions without precedent. If you’re looking to have an open conversation on retail trends, the impact of technology, or how Brooksource can complement your journey, don't hesitate to reach out!

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