In a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, our retail partners look to us in pursuit of a highly customized customer experience.

Data Optimization and Personalization

Are you centralizing your data to increase visibility and make more complete decisions for business? Is launching or overhauling Loyalty Programs part of your roadmap? Are you looking to increase the customer experience by personalizing and using ML/AI?

eCommerce and Digital Innovation

Do you have a web design strategy to attract customers? Are you starving for mobile talent? Are your omnichannel interactions seamless? How does POS fit into the future of your checkout strategy?

Supply Chain Optimization

Are legacy technologies holding you back from becoming real-time? Are you looking to fine-tune your WMS, ERP, OMS, or inventory system roadmap?

Security Scalability

With increased virtual access to key platforms and cyber-attack avoidance becoming central in IT strategy, finding talent around niche tools to protect these platforms is crucial. Want to find another path to build this talent in-house?

Infrastructure Sustainability

Within your stores, distribution centers, or corporate campus, are you deploying new hardware or experience-driven technologies that require an installation or support team?

Scaling with Cloud

With cloud becoming ubiquitous and ever integrated into IT roadmaps and areas above, are you looking to build talent inhouse around GCP, Azure, or AWS?

Meet Rob Howard

National Vertical Manager - Retail

What attracts me to retail is the constant reminder of how fast consumers can influence retailers’ behaviors. Yes, it’s sometimes a volatile industry and constant change and innovation is now required to survive. However, being part of a journey aimed at impacting shoppers in a new way that stretches the retailer’s previous paradigm is the reward I’m after. Having been with Brooksource since 2011, every day is still a quest to become a consultant with an increased ability to understand and advise clients. The biggest asset of any retailer is the people that build and support the brand, so I look forward to any collaboration!

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